- Cassidy P

Author: Mock Webware |

I recently bought a new house with the intent of turning it into a rental property however it needed quite a bit of updating to make the space more enjoyable and functional for my tenants.  I felt overwhelmed at first at the work that needed to be done as almost every part of the house needed to be updated. After asking around, a friend recommended that I go to Chloe at Kre8 Developments to help with selections. To my surprise, the company ended up being a “one stop shop” and I was able to get everything I needed from one place! I was able to communicate with her everything that I wanted to do from plumbing updates to painting the walls and cabinets to new flooring and then some. Chloe understood the final goal I had in mind for the renovation and was able to bring my ideas to a reality and organize a plan that she set in motion with ease. She had great advice for me when it came to making the final decisions and her design expertise, knowledge of construction and many contacts in the industry made the renovation go smoothly and efficiently. I would recommend her to anyone that has a renovation, large or small, and will be using Kr8 and Chloe for my next rental property or flip!

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