Our Process

Step One: Consultation, design & estimation: The first step of our process is to meet with our clients to discuss needs, wishes and timeline. From this point depending on scope of work, we may be required to hold a trade day. A trade day is when we invite all trades relevant to your project for a meeting on site to go over the existing site conditions or questions that may arise. Following our consultation and trade day we will generate an estimate and pull any necessary permits to get the work started upon our clients approval. Elements that our clients can expect to occur during step one may include:

  • Material selections processes
  • Zoning & permit requirements
  • Design planning, trade quotes and preliminary estimate generation – this will determine if we are within project budget
  • Estimate review & approval – adjust where necessary
  • Signing scope of work and/or construction agreement
  • Initial deposit

Step Two: This is where the work begins, we will go over the proposed design plan and begin the work. In this phase, our clients can expect to see demoltion, plumbing, electrical and gas work to begin, finishes will soon follow. Additionally, we will ensure necessary inspections are scheduled with the City of Calgary during different completion phases. During each stage of trade work we will consult with our clients to ensure they are informed and involved during each step. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible which in turn will minimize any possible issues arising. And necessary scope of work adjustments can be done at this point. Another payment will be processed as agreed upon in the construction agreement.

Step Three: As the final touches are completed, we will do a thorough clean up and final walk-through of the space with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction with the work completed. During this stage we will also have our final inpection with the City of Calgary